Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Flying Geese Quilt


Back in March I bought these colourful fabrics with the plan to sew a Flying Geese-Quilt.
But it stuck because of other projects like the raised bedPua, the Niffler and others. Now I finally found the time to start.
First I sew these colour/white mixed quaters
After that I arranged the quaters to get a rainbow effect
The back of the quilt is again a duvet cover from Ikea.
I mostly find there duvet covers, that matches the color and the pattern of my quilts, very well. And they're made from pure cotton.
Kitty helped a lot and was really exhausted after that 😉
The pattern was created with the free software of Pattern Jam.
Because the software is limited with 16 rows and columns, I split the pattern in 4 parts and put them togehter while sewing.



Monday, 4 September 2017

Aviator Hat

Hi Folks,

finally I found back my inner peace for crocheting. Today I've got a funny hat for you. My good friend - who got the Eire Quilt too - asked me if I could crochet this aviator hat for him.
Sorry, I don't know the original source :-(
If you can imagine the hat had to be a littler bigger than for a cute toddler 😉
But I love funny challenges and I'm impressed about people who are self confident enough to wear such showy hats. So quick I went to work and here's what I came up with
He is really happy with this hat. Now it can get colder. ⛄

Would you wear such a hat too?