Sunday, 27 August 2017

Historic ball gown


A few weeks ago I've got a cry for help from my dear neighbour Britta from Britta.tanzt.Balett.
She had a big big problem. She was invited for a historical dance in Berlin and her seamstress had let her with a half-finished dress. So she asked if I could help to rescue the dress and her dance-invitation. I told her that I'm not a professional seamstress but I'd like to do my very best. So we went to work.

Because the dress was too tight for the frost skirt, the seamstress had unpicked the dress on the back and had not yet found a solution for that the frost skirt to be visible. Fortunately, Britta had already bought a veilto hide the frost skirt. But it was way too long for dancing. So we had to cut it.

Next step was to look the dress more pompous. Therefore we gathered up one of the three layers of tulle. After that we fixed a few cute little black roses all over the skirt. And ta-da we're finished, I thought...
Two days later Britta told me that it is indispensable to have ruffles at the neckline of the dress. OK. Back to work we went. First try was a little unconventional. I've had an old lace curtain that I found on a flea market. From that we removed the edging and spray painted it black.
 Not only the lace was black. Our hands were black too.
And additionally we've failed. While washing the border by hand, unfortunately a lot of the color dissolved.

So the next day we invaded a fabrics store to find some nice lace we could use for our purposes. In fact, we found the right one and here's Britta, happy, in her finished dress at the ball.
I'm really in love of what we've made out of it 💗



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