Tuesday, 25 April 2017

26 paletts, 10 cubic meter dirt and a little time

Hi Y'all,

hope you'll had a nice Easter. We had a very nice one and followed by a few days off.

Today I want to show you our latest project, which was totally hubby's idea. At first I was not convinced but I must confess: Good idea, darling! 💖

It's not finished yet, but I can't wait to show you.
What do you do, if you have 26 palettes, 10 cbm dirt and a little time? No idea? You build a 15 meter raised bed.

On Tuesday Hubby digged out our box trees and put them in provided containers, so we could stow them in the shed over night because the weather forecast had predicted Frost and I didn't want them to freeze. 

While Hubby was digging in the dirt, I had to paint all the 26 palettes with wood preservative. 😒

On Thursday we built the bed.

While we were building the bed, somebody tipped off a big heap (10 cbm) of dirt in the yard.

On Friday we filled the dirt into the new bed and planted back the box trees in place.

And because it is more convenient to pick them there, the strawberry plants have also gotten a new home.

As you can see, the edge isn't that nice. 😕So there will be boards soon. 😊
Step by step our garden becomes more beautiful. But for now, I'm totally happy with it.

Thank you for dropping in and hope to see you soon


Monday, 10 April 2017

Smokin' monkeys - Déjà-vu

Hello there!

The other day I was sitting at my hairdresser and we talked about my crochet-creations. So she had a look at what I've done earlier. While she was scrolling through all the pictures she found something that made her laughing so hard. So I agreed to do it again.

Here's the earlier version.

See you soon

Monday, 3 April 2017

Little Donkey


Today I have a little Donkey for you to show. He will be a future birthday present for Soccer fan that loves Donkeys. In order to make the little one even more individual, he will get the emblem of the favorite soccer club. I can't show the emblem at the moment because I don't want to spoil the surprise.

While we're talking about soccer and fans and emblems. All orders for Emma's are done. *Yeah!* It has nearly become a whole soccer team.

Hope to see you next week.