Monday, 27 February 2017

Happy to be home again


Today I have you some big news *drum-roll*: I finished the wall art at our entrance (for now). Can you believe it? It only took half a year.
Back in August last year we started the renovation of our entrance and there was only one thing left on the to-do-list:
  • find/make new wall arts

A few weeks ago we installed these little nightlights with motion detector, so we don't have to switch on the ceiling lights at night, to avoid stepping on the cats.
Finally I found a Floral-Ornamental Border that Hubby and I like, both. I didn't paint the border, as usual. I cutted it out from vinyl with the silhouette and sticked it on. Because we used non-woven wallpaper it is sooo easy to remove the stickers without residue.
Last but not least I wanted to have a quote and a picture that reffers all the creatures living in our home. So I went for a statement Hubby often uses when he's back home for the weekend
and a picture that includs the cats, Hubby and I.
What do you think? How do you like it?

Thanks for stoppin' by and hope to see you next time

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