Monday, 27 February 2017

Happy to be home again


Today I have you some big news *drum-roll*: I finished our entrance (for now). Can you believe it? It only took half a year.

Back in August last year we started the renovation of our entrance and there was only one thing left on the to-do-list:
  • find/make new wall arts

A few weeks ago we installed these little nightlights with motion detector, so we don't have to switch on the ceiling lights at night, to avoid stepping on the cats.

Finally I found a Floral-Ornamental Border that Hubby and I like, both. I didn't paint the border, as usual. I cutted it out from vinyl with the silhouette and sticked it on. Because we used non-woven wallpaper it is sooo easy to remove the stickers without residue.

And a symbolic picture for all of our beloved cats.

What do you think? How do you like it?

Thanks for stoppin' by and hope to see you next time

Monday, 20 February 2017

Socks friend


While I'm working on serveral Emma's I have to do some other little projects inbetween. Otherwise I will go nuts. So it's perfect that I've got a smal "socks friend". My colleague got her baby boy "J" back in July and both, Mum and Son, loves the knitted socks.

Tiny baby socks are perfect for something in between. Here are some of the socks, I did recently.

Thank you for jumpin' in

Monday, 13 February 2017


Hi there,

everybody in blogland is talking about Valentine's day. And so did I with last week's post. But I think that's enough for this year. So today I want to show you something Non-Valentiny but cute.

This is Emma the Bee.

She's the mascot of the German soccer team Borrusia Dortmund and it was fun to find out how to crochet. Lucky me there were so many pics of Emma at the web. So I made my own pattern.

Emma is the second mascot I've crocheted. The first one was J√ľnter, you maybe remember.

Thank you for stopping by

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Flames of Valentine

Hi Y'all!

Sorry for letting you without a life sign the last 2 weeks but I wasn't able to do anything. I had a massive virus infection and felt sick like never before. So today I have only a little but nevertheless cute project. If everybody in blogland is sharing their Valentines decor. How could I miss this season?

So I picked up 2 little jars, putted on a few hearts that I cutted with my silhouette. After this I colored the glasses with spray paint in pink color shades. When they were dry I pulled off the hearts and attached some nice ribbons.

For the darker jar I cutted some extra hearts from double-sided adhesive and sprinkled on some gold glitter.

Hope to see ya next week.