Monday, 28 November 2016

Red, white and green

Hey there!

Hope y'all had a nice 1st Advent yesterday. Today I want to show you some of our christmas decorations.
Let's start with the lights outside. Hubby installed the icicles and bows on Saturday. - Thank you Hubby!

Now come on. Let's go inside, because

Our halloween lights and that pin brought me to one of todays idea. I have to admit that it don't look very nice in the daylight. But look at it at night.

Another illuminated item is this hurricane glass.

I had a similar one last year with other colors. You might have noticed that it's all about red, white and green this year.

You're certainly asking yourself if there is nothing new crocheted? Of course there is... Here's Gingy the new guy in town

And there are some other old buddies too that visited us for the fa-la-la-la-season again.

The Grinch

Santas little Helper
The Elf on the shelf

Thank you for stopping by.

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