Monday, 7 November 2016

Lego Storage Heads

Hi Y'all!

I hope you Halloween was very spooky ;)

This year my nephew and niece got lego for big kids for their birthdays. Until now they played with lego duplo and loved it. Now my brother and sister-in-law decided that it's time to change to the smaller pieces. To store the legos my mum and I decided that it would be funny to have a lego storage head for both kids.
Unfortunately I only found that boy's head for fair price.
The girl's head was twice as much. Therefore I bought 2 of the boy's heads and thought of bringing my silhouette to the game. So fresh to the work and plotting a few eyelashes, lips and a pink bow. Storage head for girls, here we go ...
Both kids liked their new lego AND the storage heads :)

Hope to see ya next week.         

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