Monday, 17 October 2016


Welcome back!

Since we first bought our house 5 years ago we had an old TV as a"barn find". We often talked about what to do with it. We tried to find another good home for this buddy, but no one was interested in adopting this sweetie. So we decided that we will keep it and give it the chance for a totally other kind of life - as a cat tv.

This is what it looked like when we found it at the barn.

After hubby had removed all the e
lectronic components I did a hard but successful job with sanding.

Then I painted everything new in dark brown and white.

Unfortunately we couldn't save the adjustment buttons.
So we will have a look at the
flea markets in the area, next time.

For the bottom I upholstered a chipboard with volume fleece and cord fabric.

To make it easier for the cats to adopt the new furniture, we laid in a blanket that has already been accepted by them.

Hope you all have an as compfy place as our cats to stay warm and cozy when autumn starts.