Monday, 12 September 2016

One million unfinished projects

Hi there,

do you missed me? Here I am again.

Since we've been back from my cousins wedding, it feels like we have 1 million unfinished projects. So I think this will be a post about our unfinished works.

While I'm crocheting many more dragons, I wanted to do something else in between, for not going mad. So I hope to show you another quilt, soon.

Next thing is that Hubby and I digged a hole into our green last weekend.

We hope that it will be a fire pit next weekend. I will tell you the whole story in one of my next posts, when the soreness has subsided.

Another construction site is our entrance. There were still a few open points on our to-do-list:
  • find and install new coat hooks
  • find/make new wall arts
  • find a new mailboxslit
  • install a lot of trimming
So you can imagine that there will never be boredom at our home.

See you next time


  1. Ah, the famous W.I.P.s :) I recently had a look into my W.I.P. box while tidying up my home office / craft room, it was a bit overwhelming ;)

  2. Yes, some times it's overhelming, but for now I'm doing my best to minimize the number of WIPs.