Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Entrance finished

Hi Y'all!

Today I can report that there were 3 things from our Entrance-to-do-List are already done:
  • find and install new coat hooks
  • find/make new wall arts
  • find a new mailboxslit
  • install a lot of trimming
We found this coat rack at the flea market last week
It was only 7 Euro. We also bought a smal can of paint for 3 Euro. I sanded the rack and repainted it matching the new hardware.
Finally we found a soloution for our mailboxslit too. We bought a VALJE cupboard at IKEA. We shortened it in depth and I decorated the door like I did at the hall stand a few years ago.
The stability has also been tested by Baghira. He loves all thing boxes.
At last we finished the ceiling trimmings.
So there is only one thing left on the List: 
  • find/make new wall arts
Hope to see ya soon


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