Monday, 29 August 2016

Entrance renovation - Update

Hi Folks,

last week I told you about our entrance renovation and that there were still some things that needed to be done.

Today I can report that 2 things are already done:
  • Update the hardware
  • find and install new coat hooks
  • find a matching curtain rod 
  • find/make new wall arts
  • find a new mailboxslit
  • install a lot of trimming

We will see, what comes next.I still have the goal that everything's done until Christmas.

Although we had 36°C, we had a nice day on Saturday. We went to a unique western town in the Harz. It's called Pullman City

I think next week you'll have to do without me, because we have an invitation for my cousins wedding this weekend. So it's time for party and not for crafting, sorry! 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Entrance renovation

Hi Y'all!

For some time I have blogged nearly every week regularly, I've now exploited that I only wanted to blog if there is something really interesting here. I currently have some demands for the dragon, which I crocheted and so I'm still busy crocheting dragons. In order not to go gaga, I have to do something else in between every now and then. Last weekend we had a bigger project on the go.

It's been nearly 2 1/2 years since we last change something at our entrance. So it was time to change something. I hated the walls, simple white ingrain wallpaper, since a while. I decided that I wanted something totally different. I bought non-woven wallpaper for the first time and now I'm totally in love with this kind of wallpaper. It's super easy to put them onto the walls. I was able to do this all by myself. But step by step.

Friday evening we decided that is was time to pull down the old wallpapers. It was really a mess. Although we had applied a primer on the wall, the wallpaper went down pretty bad. But after 2 hours it was finally done.

Saturday I spend about 20 minutes to smooth the walls with sandpaper, to get rid of the last wooden spots from the ingrain wallpaper. Then I started paperhanging. In the afternoon I had papered, as far as I could because Hubby hasn't take down the wardrobe. So I had to stop for the day until Hubby came home. (Fine excuse to break because my arm was really hurting).

On Saturday evening he took down the wardrobe and on Sunday he helped papering the rest of the room. In twos, we went even faster. And after an hour or so we were able to build up the wardrobe again. 

Yesterday I started painting the white walls. I wanted to paint the walls in an light grey or beige. Hubby picked out the color (velvet gray) and I was not a fan of the color he had choosen. When I opened the bucket I found out that the color is really thick (not the thin broth you often get when you don't buy the expensive color). It was really easy to process and I was totally surprised about the product. After a short drying time I realized that the color has a very nice matt look and matches the brick wallpaper really good. Our entrance starts to look really nice. Sorry, for being grumpy, about your color choice, Hubby!

There are a few things to go for
  • update the hardware
  • find and install new coat hooks
  • find a matching curtain rod 
  • find/make new wall arts
  • find a new mailboxslit
  • install a lot of trimming

I know, i know it sounds a lot but I'm convinced that we'll have all managed until Christmas (I don't say what year).

Monday, 8 August 2016

Coat hook - make over

Hi Folks!

Since my last post I'm working on a few more dragons. And because I can't always just crochet, it was time for a quick and easy make-over.

I bought this coat hook the other day for no special reason.

Now I decided that it could hold our dishcloth that lived at the oven handle and that was not ideal.

So I separated the knobs and the stars and masked 2 stars with masking tape. Then I went outside to spray paint the stars and 2 of the knobs with spray paint I had from earlier projects (knife block refashion, bread bin refashion).

When I assembled the coat hook again it totally fits our kitchen.

Hope to see ya soon