Monday, 27 June 2016

Red Rooster - Mellow Yello Quilt

Hi Folks,

I'm back again. As I told you wanted to show my new quilt. I'm really in love with it. It's cozy but light.
I bought these nice matching fat quaters from Patchwork-NMKB* over at Dawanda* and combined them with plain white cotton I had in stock.
The back is a simple cotton duvet cover, I bought at bonprix*.

I designed the pattern with the super easy to use, free software from Pattern Jam.*

The result is an absoultly awesome summer quilt.


*All opinions are mine and I wasn't paid for it.

Monday, 20 June 2016



last week we talked about a fun project, called the Eumel. This weeks project is funny while useful. These are bookmarks called "Leseratten". 
They're cute and sooo easy to make. Of course you can do them in other colours. The pattern is the property of Supergurumi.

Next week I can finally show you hopefully something sewn again.

See ya

Monday, 13 June 2016


Hi there,

the last few weeks have been marked by working for charity. But today there is finally back slightly, something crocheted that has nothing to do with charity. It was only mad for fun.

It's a very funny little guy, called Eumel.
He will be given to a nice friend who is the owner of the personal blog "Eumelchen on Tour". So she need's urgently an Eumel.

The pattern was bought from Streifgetier over at Dawanda

Next week will be another crocheted project shown. Don't miss next weeks post.


Monday, 6 June 2016

Jeans cat bed

Hi Folks,

like I told you last week, I was sewing for the kittens. Now that I'm done, I would like to show you what I've done.

Cats love to lie on our laps. So I have sewed the legs and waist of some old jeans, filled them up with fiber fill and folded them like sitting cross legged.
I was inspired by this pin over at pinterest 
The cat beds are tested and approved by my own kittens.
They can be purchased at 2nd Summerparty of Hand und Pfote Lohfelden e.V. Hope they will be well liked. 

See ya next week