Monday, 2 May 2016

Kittens room upgrade - Part 1

Hi Folks,

the last weekends we were busy to upgrade the kittens fresh air room we built last year. 

I asked Hubby to install 2 old tires onto the sill, so I can put bowls with cat fitting greenery into them.

The first try was very nice, but I think the cats liked it another way.  ;-)

I asked a friend who is a gardener what I can do to discourage the cats from digging. He told me I should try gravel. So I gave it another try and it works.

Another thing we built was a nestswing. Hubby brought an old bicycle rim to me.

I filled the indent with cotton and wrapped all with bandage to upholster. 

Then I cut 2 layers of fleece blanket into circles and cut them at the sides. I knotted the blankets onto the rim. At last Hubby and I attached 2 long ropes to hung up the swing.

I hope the cats will love the swing because no one told me that knotting a fleece blanket is that painful.

This was the first part of the kittens room upgrade. Hope to see ya next week again.

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