Monday, 25 January 2016

Singer 401

Oh happy day!

A few days ago I talked to a very nice friend of mine and she asked if I'm interested in an old sewing machine. Of course I said yes, I do! And now, look at this beauty! 
It's exactly the same machine I've learned to sew. It came built-in in this cabinet
and lots and lots of paraphernalia. 
I think I've to read the instructions to learn what I can do with all these things.
Let's have a closer look at the instructions. There are some handwritten notes.

OMG! This baby is from 1963(!!!) and was over 1.000 German Marks. This means about 500 Euro. In 1963 this was a a small fortune. And for me, it was for free. Lucky me!

Due to the small space in my recently completed crafts room we decided to built it out of the cabinet and find another solution. So dear hubby worked hard to lower it into my crafting table. But in the end he won the battle. And I'm sooo happy. I am excited about what I'm going to sew with this machine.

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