Monday, 18 January 2016

Crafts room

Hi Y'all,

today's the day to show you the big project I was working on. It's my crafts room! There was one room, which we had not renovated yet. I started the renovation back in June, whenever I had a little time. So it took quite a while, but now I'm finished and I'm really happy with the result. But see yourself.

Even if there is so much space to store all my craft supplies, I took the chance to declutter my stock.
I took over a few items I made before. Maybe you've spied the Pin board I've made last year. YES! Now I've got a big blackboard of my own, to plan and scetch my ideas. Or just for doodling.
The tin cans I've made to store all my pens, brushes and other little things who were needed so much for crafting, moved to the crafts room, too.

Even a few of my crocheted pieces found their way on the shelves. Like the Weeping Angels and Kurt the armadillo.

You may be curious what things will arise in this room from now on.