Monday, 21 September 2015

Quick and easy knife block update


today I have a practically knife block update. It's so stinkin' easy and quick to do. I can't hardly believe, why I haven't done this earlier.

You may remember the knife block refashion I formerly did. 
And now I had the idea to give this block an incredible update. Why shouldn't I use this block in more than one way? I would like to use this as a tablet holder, too.

All you need is a knife block (personalized or not), a scrap wood and 2 screws. I was lucky enough to have a 1x1 cm wood scrap which I cut at about 10 cm.

I drilled the screw holes, so they don't tear. Then I simply fastened the wood scrap with the 2 screws at the knife block. 
I still think about whether I should color the wood, or not. But for the moment it will stay natural. The whole thing takes about only 5 minutes and it's super convenient.

Hope you'll like the idea

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