Sunday, 30 August 2015

Fresh air for the kittens

Hi Y'all!

2 weeks of holidays are over now. Tomorrow reality will be back and we have to go to work again. I told you to show what we've done in our holidays. We built a fresh air room for our kittens.

We had this never used, ugly balcony
and so we had the idea to modify it to a cats room. We removed the ugly balcony railings and started the rebuilding. Because we have to enlarge the base of the balcony (you have seen this in the sneak peek in my last post)
we used the posibility to remove a pillar and enlarge the roof of the back door porch, too.
We changed the back door area back in may.
If you missed the post you can read about here.

As every time we're building outside, it starts to rain and never stop until we're finished {umpf}. So you can have a look at our ability to build tents
In the end we won the battle against weather and material 

The cats like the new room and stay there often. Now we're looking for some furnishings.

Hope to see you soon

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