Monday, 20 July 2015

Organization the crafts corner

Hi there,

as you know I'm crafting all kinds. So I need my craft supplies organized. Because my supplies were a little messy I looked through my crafting stash and found a few tin cans and some nice paper napkins.
I splitted the napkin in their individual layers and glued the colored one with homemade modge podge onto the cans.
Now everything is nicely organized and handy.

'Til then.


  1. Aw, these look so cute!!!
    Self-made Mod Podge sound interesting. I read about that quite often but never dared to try it out myself. Which 'recipe' did you use?

    1. Thank you Uta. I wonder what I can still decorate with it.
      The 'receipe' is as simple as you can think of. I used Ponal glue and Water. I think 1 part glue and 2 parts water works fine. It looks like milk, but sticking slightly better ;-)