Monday, 27 July 2015

Blanket and a Quilt

Hi Y'all,

some of you asked me about my granny-square blanket. In fact it's finished.
For now I'm ready with it but maybe I will cover the backside with some fabric when the winter is coming. We will see.

Next is a quilt for my little niece. She's loving Minnie Mouse. So I bought some fabrics to do a quilt for her. 
Until now I did only a few easy patterned quilts. So I decided to do a pattern which is a little bit more challenging. Please keep you fingers crossed for it will work and she'll love it. 

Hope to see ya soon


  1. Your granny square blanket looks amazing!!!

    1. Thank you Uta! It all started with the yarn in the middle. I bought it while passing by and then thought about what to do with it (I think you know what I mean). When I decided to crochet a granny-square blanket I had to buy more and more yarn (what a pitty!). In the end it turned out great but I think I won't do this again so soon. regards Daniela