Monday, 15 June 2015

Pin board makeover

Hi Folks,

Even though I'm under the weather, I would like to tell you what I've done last week. I am still busy with crocheting pet beds and I did a small project additionally. It's a little makeover project or a fairy tale, who knows.

Once there was an ugly old pin board that no one likes anymore.
But then there came a good fairy1 and gave him some new clothes² and a fresh makeover³ to find his forever love.
After the the makeover the pin board found his new home next to a beautiful silhouette cameo.

If they will live happily ever after, we will see...

Thank you for dropping in


1 = me
2 = Fabric lining
3 = freshly painted frame


  1. Love your new pin board, that fabric is awesome :)

    1. Thank you Uta. I bought that fabric at DaWanda and I'm totally in love with it. You can have it here: