Thursday, 18 June 2015

Back door Porch


At last I finished the last cat bed for my charity project and now I'm open for something new. But until then I wanted to show you something that I missed showing here. Our self-built back door porch.

At the beginning of May Mr. Heart and I had a few days off and so we planned to build a back door porch. Until this time there was only a small and ugly pedestal with a minimally roofing.
We decided to extend the podium, so we get place to store some garden equipment. Then we installed a bigger roof and matched the colors to the rest of the house.
In the end I'm really in love with this new porch. 
Now I have to find some nice items to decorate... {really difficult task}

For the moment we're working on a room that will maybe become my sewing room. As you know, Hubby is the whole week away from home so we only had the weekends to move forward. We'll see how long it will take to finish the room.

You see: There's never a dull moment with us...

'Til next time

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