Monday, 1 June 2015

Aaand back!

Hi Y'all!

Even if you might thought I'm no longer here, so I want to tell you that I'm still alive. But very quiet. I've done a lot of things in the meantime but unfortunately I had a slight writer's block. I couldn't put 2 sentences together sensibly. So I stopped the blog for a while and now I'm back, hoping the writer's block has ended. (Keep fingers crossed, please!)

With my first post after the break I wanted to inform you that I have now a homepage. It's called and is an addition to this blog.  (Yes, a really genuine homepage! - freak out). You might think it's no big deal, but for me it's a really big step. 

Certainly you noticed the change of design on this little blog. It's a tribute to the new homepage. I wanted to look them similar. 
The site is still under construction but I'll do my very best to fill it with life. 

We'll see how things will go on.

Hope to see you soon

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