Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Still here

Hi Y'all!

I'm just hopping in for a short stop to say hello and tell you that I'm still here.

In one of my last posts I told you about my plans to crochet a granny-square blanket
OMG! Why did nobody tell me that it is so hard to crochet enough or big squares with 4 ply yarn. Because it is so hard I crocheted something totally different in between.

You may remember the minions I crocheted a few weeks ago. In the meantime I saw the film 'Despicable me 2'. At once it was clear that I have to crochet an evil minion, too. 
Now I'm going back at my squares. Here's an update where I'm ath the moment.

For more updates stay tuned.See you then.

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