Sunday, 29 March 2015


Happy Sunday to you all!

Last time I introduced Seamus the Leprechaun to you. If you haven't met him. You can do it here.
I also told you that I'm working several projects. One of them is finished. Wahoo! Here's my first Hello Kitty:

I'm really in love with her. I'm thinking about to make one for my own.

You know I'm one of these people that haven't got only have one work in progress. Want a little sneak at what I'm working on now? 

Yes! I'm really doin' it. I'm working on my first granny-square blanket. We will see if it will be finished in this life or another... I'll keep you up to date on the progress.

Hope to see you soon

Monday, 16 March 2015

Get Lucky!

Hi Folks,

it looks a bit of spring everywhere outside. You can see a lot of snowdrops and crocuses at our beds and backyard. I'm waiting for the first tulips and daffodils. Hope to see them soon.

Last week I told you about my first steps with my silhouette cameo. You might remember. If not, you can read it here.

In the meantime I did some nice things with my new toy. I will show you next.

But today I wanted to show you another little figure which was finished right in time. Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome "Seamus the Leprechaun" at Blogland. 

He's totally happy to be here to pinch everybody. But he also brings his pot o' gold and  we maybe get a little bit of his luck.

I also have some other projects at work: I'm working on a hello kitty amigurumi and again a few "toothless" dragons. Like you can see here and here.

Sending some luck your way for a happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, 9 March 2015

First steps with my new silhouette cameo

Hi Everybody,

Again I was very busy. As you might remember I've got this one last year for my birthday! This year I wanted to have something completely different. I've got a few vouchers from amazon for my birthday. So I could by this Silhouette Cameo
For my first project I wanted to do something simple. As you know I  love my cats and I wanted to show. So I decided to do this design for my tablet case.
Because the first project went out really well, I thought I could start a little bit more difficult. So I did another catloving project for our living room.
The Heart is made from red wool
Since the weekend I have the hope and feeling that spring starts. Before I put this little guy down for the summer I thought I would be fun to make a quick shot together with the decoration for St. Patrick's Day.

Thanks for dropping in.