Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas recap

Hi Everybody!

I hope y'all had a holly jolly christmas with your friends and family.

Here's a small selection of the things that I've completed the last few days and weeks.

These 3 snowmen were presents for my mum, godmother and SIL. I made them out of clay pots, styrophor balls, paint, wooden beads and a small amount of ribbon. The eyes were out of wacky eyes but they could also be painted like the mouth.

Probably you know this one from the Dreamworks movies "How to Train Your Dragon". Yes, it's he himself: Toothless the Dragon. I made him for a friend, who had his birthday a few days before christmas. He absolutly loves dragons in all versions.
And this nice guy was finished at the last minute of christmas 2014. I found the pattern on december 25th and immediately decided to crochet him. He was finished at December 26th in the late evening.

Incidentally, I've knitted several pairs of socks and crafted some other odds and ends (which I haven't photographed) for christmas.

Thank you for stopping by

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