Tuesday, 21 October 2014

From an old suitcase to a new cat-bed - easy transform

Hello y'all!

A few weeks ago Mr. Heart and I went on a flea market because it was a beautiful sunny autumn day and we both love to stroll through the flea market to see all the funny and weird things that people sell and buy there.

At one stall we saw a few old suitcases and I had the idea to switch one of them to a cat-bed. So we haggled with the seller and got the case for only 5 €. 

When we got home I gave the suitcase a large portion of febreze and an anti-vermin, because of its age, of course it smelled pretty musty and I didn't know what exactly lived in it. Then I let it open for the next two weeks.

Now I decided that the smell is much more better and I could start the cat-bed-project. I began with the lid. I glued a piece of fabric, which I had left over, with spray glue into the lid of the case. In addition, I fixed the fabric with staples. Because the spray glue doesn't take very long to dry, so I could directly start with the next step. 

Years ago I designed these egyptian stencils from cardboard. 

Former I used them to do a border on the wallpaper. Today they came back into use. I lay down the stencils and stipped with a paintbrush golden signs onto the fabric. I used VBS hobby color gold.

While the paint was drying I had time to sew the pillow. I used an old pillowcase and filled it with fiberfill. Meanwhile, the color was dry and I could put the pillow directly into the suitcase.

The whole project was done in less then two hours (Ok, 2 weeks and two hours). Now it's on the cats to love it or not. To help their decision, I put on a little bit of catnip onto the pillow. ;-)

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