Friday, 24 October 2014

Canning, decorating, transforming and crocheting

Hi Everybody!

I had this week off and it was very relaxing, but also very busy. I had planned many fun things and ultimately all done. Finally I had enough time, to do all the things I wanna do. So here is a little summary of the things that I've done this week.

Autumn is canning time and therefore of course I also canned some things.

First I tried canning pumpkin puree because many recipes for e.g. pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread, requires pumpkin puree and you can't have canned pumpkin in Germany. At least I could not find one until now. So I made my own. I had 3 kinds of squash: Hubbard, Spaghetti and Pumpkin. Now I'm prepared for everything with pumpkin.
Second was trying a new jam. I had heard about zuccini-jam years ago and since that time I wanted to try it. So now was the time. I made a zuccini-apple-jam and what should I say except yummy?

If I did not  canned, I have done other things. Like to decorate the front door for Halloween,
transform an old suitcase to a cat bed
and I crocheted a lot. Here are the results:
Credit for the ladybug: The pattern is created by craftyshanna. You can find it on Ravelry.
Credit for the plane: The pattern is created by Angela Van Camp. You can find it also on Ravelry.

These three are my favorits:
The Unicorns were based on the pattern of Rachel Hoe. I have modified it according to my wishes. You can find the original pattern on Ravelry.

So you see, I had a lot of fun this week. Hope you had a fun week too.

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