Friday, 24 October 2014

Canning, decorating, transforming and crocheting

Hi Everybody!

I had this week off and it was very relaxing, but also very busy. I had planned many fun things and ultimately all done. Finally I had enough time, to do all the things I wanna do. So here is a little summary of the things that I've done this week.

Autumn is canning time and therefore of course I also canned some things.

First I tried canning pumpkin puree because many recipes for e.g. pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread, requires pumpkin puree and you can't have canned pumpkin in Germany. At least I could not find one until now. So I made my own. I had 3 kinds of squash: Hubbard, Spaghetti and Pumpkin. Now I'm prepared for everything with pumpkin.
Second was trying a new jam. I had heard about zuccini-jam years ago and since that time I wanted to try it. So now was the time. I made a zuccini-apple-jam and what should I say except yummy?

If I did not  canned, I have done other things. Like to decorate the front door for Halloween,
transform an old suitcase to a cat bed
and I crocheted a lot. Here are the results:
Credit for the ladybug: The pattern is created by craftyshanna. You can find it on Ravelry.
Credit for the plane: The pattern is created by Angela Van Camp. You can find it also on Ravelry.

These three are my favorits:
The Unicorns were based on the pattern of Rachel Hoe. I have modified it according to my wishes. You can find the original pattern on Ravelry.

So you see, I had a lot of fun this week. Hope you had a fun week too.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

From an old suitcase to a new cat-bed - easy transform

Hello y'all!

A few weeks ago Mr. Heart and I went on a flea market because it was a beautiful sunny autumn day and we both love to stroll through the flea market to see all the funny and weird things that people sell and buy there.

At one stall we saw a few old suitcases and I had the idea to switch one of them to a cat-bed. So we haggled with the seller and got the case for only 5 €. 

When we got home I gave the suitcase a large portion of febreze and an anti-vermin, because of its age, of course it smelled pretty musty and I didn't know what exactly lived in it. Then I let it open for the next two weeks.

Now I decided that the smell is much more better and I could start the cat-bed-project. I began with the lid. I glued a piece of fabric, which I had left over, with spray glue into the lid of the case. In addition, I fixed the fabric with staples. Because the spray glue doesn't take very long to dry, so I could directly start with the next step. 

Years ago I designed these egyptian stencils from cardboard. 

Former I used them to do a border on the wallpaper. Today they came back into use. I lay down the stencils and stipped with a paintbrush golden signs onto the fabric. I used VBS hobby color gold.

While the paint was drying I had time to sew the pillow. I used an old pillowcase and filled it with fiberfill. Meanwhile, the color was dry and I could put the pillow directly into the suitcase.

The whole project was done in less then two hours (Ok, 2 weeks and two hours). Now it's on the cats to love it or not. To help their decision, I put on a little bit of catnip onto the pillow. ;-)

Thanks for dropping in

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Kurt the armadillo


This is a part of my fall decoration at work. Some pine cones, some little pumpkins, a few chestnuts and other little ornaments. And of course a fake candle because we aren't allowed to have real candles at the office. But wait, there's something that doesn't belong there. 

But Stop! What's this in the middle? 

Oh yes, it's a small armadillo that has been hiding there. Very cute and very decorative.

Hope to see you soon.

credit: The pattern's from Kati Galusz. You can find it at ravelry.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Old friends, new friends

Hi Y'all!

Hope you've had a nice weekend. Today I want you to meet some old and a new friend. First the old friends: You maybe remeber a post back in June when I told you that I had a visit from Sam Hain. He was a little early and promised to be back when the time is right. Now he has kept his promise. He's back. And he brought a few friends like the little turkey, you might remember from a post back in September. And one new friend: The little scarecrow. 
Together they will help to decorate our living room looks like fall.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the last days of golden autumn.