Saturday, 30 August 2014

Autumn starts

Hi Everybody!

Surely you've noticed that it was very quiet here. This was because I wanted to finish some of my about 100 w.i.p. projects. 
I succeeded. Therefore, I proudly can present some things the next days. Today unfortunately I have to tell you that fall is within reach. Leaves starting to fall and (super important!) I harvested my first own pumpkins.

Now I'm thinking about, what to do with them. First will be to cook a pumpkin soup. What else can I do with them? Any ideas? Please let me know.

Till next time


  1. Danni, they look awesome! Are they easy to grow?
    You could bake a pumpkin pie or some pumpkin bread :)

    1. Hi Uta, yes they're super easy to grow. I grow them on the window sill until they're about 10 cm. Then I moved them to the garden and let them grow all by themselves 😉. If I'll try a pie vor bread I'll take it with me to work so you're able to taste it, if you like.

    2. Now that sounds good :)