Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Voodoo Crew

Hi Y'all!

Hope you're fine out there. A few weeks ago I showed you a little bit of voodoo.
A collegue read the post and liked the puppet so much that she ordered a crew of voodoo dolls.

And that's not all! She has re-ordered 15 (in words: fifteen) pieces until christmas. She said she wanted to give them as a present for family and friends.

So, you can see, this gal has really a lot to crochet, the next time. But I have a few other things completed. I'll show you the next days.

See ya

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Strawberry Shortcake - Emily Erdbeer

Hi Everybody!

When I was a much younger there was a character called Emily Erdbeer or Strawberry Shortcake. I loved her like all the other girls in my class. In the 80s Emily looked like this:

Today she's looking like this:

Because I'm still a fan, I decided to create my own Emily with the recent style as template. Here's what it came out.

Hope to see you soon

Monday, 21 July 2014

Summer lovin'

The last few days were very busy to disguise the shed with wood. That's why I'm a little bit late with the posts. 
I'll try now to catch up and show you the finished things. 
I'll start showing you a sign which I created to welcome the summer.

I made new wood look old and weathered and then I added a few drawings and 3D-Elements. So it looks like a good mix between old and new.

Hope you'll like it like I do.

Thanks for stopping by and till next time

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Lavender and other blossoms

Hi Y'all!

Today I want to show you a little bit of our personal oasis. Our beauty grown flowers in the front and back yard.

In our front yard growing a wealth of lavender. We have three colors of lavender: blue, pink and white. And all smelling so nice. I love the aroma of lavender.
A few days ago I harvested the first crate of lavender and there are many more to go.

At our back yard you can find another beauties. Like these mallows

 and a mixed summer flower garden, e. g.

Within this oasis you can imagine that crafting goes much easier, by hand. So I'm able to show you a few little projects the next few days.

Till then