Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A little bit of voodoo

Hi Y'all!

Hope you're feeling fine and enjoying the first days of summer. In case you're not so fine or if you have annoyed about someone. My todays showing could help you through this feeling.

Everybody needs, from time to time, someone he can poke. So I made ​​this little guy, who had to be MY someone. I can imagine the person I annoyed about and then poke a needle into his feet, his arm, stomach or what ever - be creative! -. Soon I'm feeling better.

Please don't worry. It doesn't hurt this cute guy and it promotes his blood circulation. ;-)

What do you do, when you're feeling angry or you annoyed about someone? I'm excited to read about your possibilities

Thank you for reading my little blog.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Bustle in the garden

Hello out there!

As I told you, I'm back again.

There's lately bustle in our garden. The other day I met Sam Hain in the garden and today I found this little one in the gras.

He told me he is taking a sunbath and enjoying the first warm days. But then I had to take him away because Mr. Heart wanted to mow the lawn. If there's anyone out there who wanted to give him a new home, please let me know.

Thanks for stopping by

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Time difference and a promise

Hi Y'all!

Hope you don't missed me too much. I've taken a few days off from blogging so that I could make some crochet stuff done. 

First I want to show you a scary little man, but please don't be anxious. His name is Sam Hain.

Because he was a little too early, I've talked to him and asked him to come back again on October 31 to help me scare the people ;-) Of course he said: Yes, I do! So we will see him again in October.

But I'll be back again much earlier - I promise!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Chanell the sock monkey girl

Hi Y'all!

at my last post I introtuced Coco the sock monkey to you. This week I want you to meet Chanell. She's Coco's girlfriend:

As you can see, they're so in love. They never want to be without each other. 

So I gave them to my little nephew and niece and they lived happily ever after...

Ok, seriously. My nephew and niece loved them both from the moment they saw them. They don't let them for the rest of the day and even took them to bed. So I can say: YES! It was a great success.