Monday, 19 May 2014

Candle Holder

I saw these cuties over at Pinterest (Sorry, I can't tell who created them because the requested URL is invalid) and I thought they would be nice for Mr. Heart's birthday party. Of course not in pink!

So I went to the supermarket and bought a package of yogurt for kids. Then I went to the DIY store to buy a small pack of quick-setting cement. After I have eaten the yoghurts I mixed the cement and filled the empty cups. I placed a stub of candle in the middle until the cement dried.
Then I removed the candle stubs, cut the edges smooth and painted the candle holders. And here are my version of these candle holders.

They looked really nice to on the table on the Mr. Heart's birthday party. At the moment I'm working on two different projects, which I want to show you the next few days. So stay tuned.

Thank you for visiting my blog an hope to see you soon

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