Sunday, 6 April 2014

Not only the kitchen floor renewal

Hi Y'all!

I'm back with the result of this weeks work:

Whahoo a new kitchen floor! A few days ago I showed you my nightly sight of this week, you may remember.

And this was the view on Friday evening. (The cats were not happy with it, and me too.)

And tadaaa on saturday evening we had this view:

This was only the last step at the kitchen renewal. Unfortunately I have no picture only from the floor before but when we first went into this room, it looks like this (like a time travel back to the '70s):

But after a little time, playing with adhensive foil for the cabinet fronts and granite tiles for the countertop (we did it last year before I decided to start blogging), a few new furniture and at last the new floor, it looks like this:

I'm really happy with the new, old kitchen.

Thanks for stopping by.

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