Thursday, 24 April 2014

Mosaic Table

Hi Y'all!

Here's a project I started last year in fall but then I had no fun to finish it in winter. But now the time is right. The weather is much more sunny and so the result is required.

I have been given this cable drum, like the one below, and thought about what I could do with it. As I lay on my sun lounger at a beautiful day, I needed something to set down my drink, and tada, the idea was born. The drum has exactly the right height and a hole in the middle to stand up the umbrella.

So I smashed some colorful tiles and glued them on the table as a mosaic. When the glue had dried, I installed a plastic edge, which I have found in the basement.

Then I filled the grouts. Because they shouldn't be so boring, I have mixed a bit blue color into the tile grout. Finally, I have sealed up the entire table top with boat varnish.

As a finish I have painted  the lower plate also in blue and the foot of the table in turquoise. Originally I had planed also to provide the lower plate with a mosaic, but I decided against it. 

I'm really happy with my decision and I hope I'll have a time, every now and then, to use my new table.

Thanks for hopping into my little world

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