Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Laundry Room Renewal - Part 1 - The closet

Late in December I told you, that I've planned the next step for our Laundry Room Renewal. And now I would like to show you this finished step: The Closet. It had have an awful light-brown as you can see here:

I thought about painting them. But then I decided to cover them with a self-adhesive film because it's less dirty. I have previously practiced at the kitchen cabinets, so it was not that hard to do. And here is the "new" closet. I hope you'll like it.

The next step is coloring the ugly dark-brown tiles. I think this will last a little longer. I hope to show you before easter. But in the meantime I'm going to show you some smaller projects.

Thank you for dropping in and hope to see you soon.

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